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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Books Makes Man

A reading man is a thinking man and a thinking man is a complete man. Books make a man and a man is known by the company his mind keeps.Tis the good book reader that makes the good book, in eery book he finds passages which seems confidencies or aside hidden from all else and unmistakably meant for his ears.
the reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest man of the past century. Motivational books are books one can really rely on without regrets.You may devote your time on them but those times absolutely are not wasted but will lead you to greater heights.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Your Shoes Are Just Like You

Have you ever wondered why you prefer to wear certain kind of shoes for diffeent occasions? If you have, you must also ask why poeple feel very comfortable in some shoes and not on others. Well, it's your choice personality. Shoes are no doubt one of the greatest accesories to what ever you wear, as they seem to always complement dressings in ways you can never imagine.
And despite the fact that they are on your feet, thay seem to come out very strong.Thus giving you a total outlook.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Leather upholstery truely whimsical.

Furniture is a basic ornamental item in any home or office. They come in sundry shapes types and sizes.But the most exquisite, it would seem, are leather furniture items which in resent times has become a statue symbol for the upper echelon of the society like other things in the environment, furniture has had a fair share of the world of change. Hitherto, the furniture in vogue consisted mainly of chairs and beddings made with springs and cushions. The next generation of furniture comes in the form of upholstery and cushions. It is a generation of furniture but it still very much in vogue, however whether it is one with half upholstery and cushions full. But right now leather furniture is it. The newest phenomenon in the world of furniture. Like upholstery it gradually started from the half of leather designs to full leather ones; which are the rave of the moment.Leather furniture comes it varieties such as in settee, dinning tables, office chairs and desks as well as beddings [such as in the head buds of beds].
So come with me into the comfortable world of furniture.

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A Good Way To Live A Good Life Is To Have A Good Bedroom

The bedroom, it has been said, is the most important aspect of the home. Infact, some life and style experts like to call it the "engine room" the house. This is because how comfortable a man or woman or couple's bedroom is determines to a very long extent how well they sleep, which is another word for good rest, has been said to have a therapoetic effect on human life, which is why, if these assertions are anything to go by, the bedroom must be very good,neat, airy and comfortable.

The Good Old Gold

Gold,gold,gold, this is a name everybody will like to associate with, it rings a bell among other ornaments.
It is so highly cherished by many. But because of it’s high cost due to the immense value attached to it, it remains restricted to few that can afford it, no wonder the saying that “gold it for who values it.” But is this really the case? People with mean income tend to disagree with this view. For them the allure of gold is not limited to the wealthy. Hence, those who cannot afford it prefer to go for less quality alternatives with yellow-colour coating which has a resemblance of gold, even though it takes only a casual look to know their true worth. But this is okay, if only to belong to the class of gold users.
For those who seek recognition gold has the magic to serve this purpose. It is seen as a statue symbol though expensive and used especially by women. It can easily be preserve and passed from mothers to their daughters and from generation to generation.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Love is all that matters

Sometimes in life we search the world for gold where all we really need to do is just a hand to hold.
Sometimes we let the greatest treasure slip away with words we refuse to say because of some good reasons down the road, but are they worth it, is life all about it?
But always afterall,
we all have a heart,one heart needs another.
Love is all that matters, it matters afterall.
Find a place in your heart to love someone not only your pet but someone unloveble and I promise you it will do you lots of good because to live a more comfortable life, love is all that matter, without love life is meaningless.

Get A Peaceful Nightrest

Age, atmosphere, emotional upset, sickness and sometimes nightmares could cause sleeplessness especially at night. Sleeplessness [insomnia] could reduse efficiency during the day causing head and body aches. The origin may be medical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual.
Here are self helps and tips to help
  • Make sure the atmosphere of your bedroom is condusive ,pungent odors can hinder sleep.
  • Avoid dozing during the day, sometimes too much day time sleep leaves the brain refreshed and more active during the night.
  • Prevent bad dreams by avoiding horror movies at night,bad stories or evil reminder during the day that will create fear and consequently a rough night.
  • Try to deal with any problem during the day, work while it is day,tackle all difficulties traumas at daytime,when you work up your brain this way, it tires and yearn for sleep at night.
  • Milk contains an ingredient that relaxes the brain,so take a glass or more of milk just before bedtime.
  • Try to spend at least one hour relaxing and becoming calm before going to bed.
With these tips life can be more comfortable.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Living well

Life's comfort today,
Everything existing today on the face of the earth want comfort but i'm actually going to talk about human's comfort. the earth is the most favourable planet for MAN to live well, but man cannot leave well without comfort.
you may be wondering why i'm so concerned about man leaving comfortable in this life,i feel comfort is what we really need I' m one of the human who after a long walk in this life has found that good road of life's comfort and has chosen to shear it with YOU
Comfort is nothing but having a pleasant life with everything you need; what are these things:

  • Ambition
  • Home
  • Enviroment
  • Health
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Fashion
  • Music

The secret to a comfortable life is setting your ambition and going for your goals in life, We all may have wealthy background but without a clear vision to your ambition you can never have a complete life.

Let's agree that you have achieved your goal in life you may have a big house or small one and you never felt at home for a day, that house is nothing but a place with blocks around and roofs on the top no matter how furnished the house seems to be,we need love and smiles to make us feel the comfort a home give.

So what do we do?


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